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L-Carnitine | The best supplement for fast fat loss

L-carnitine is the most common substance that helps the body produce energy by releasing fatty acids, which are said to help reduce weight.

It is often mistaken for an amino acid, but it is actually synthesized from amino acids, lysine and methionine.

L-carnitine can be produced from the liver and kidneys, in addition to animal sources-mainly red meat and dairy products-in the form of a convenient supplement. 

A study in the Journal of Physiology showed that L-carnitine supplements can improve athletic performance and physical function, while helping to build lean muscle.

The average person's body contains about 20g of L-carnitine, most of which are stored in skeletal muscles. However, these storage amounts of L-carnitine cannot bring effective and huge benefits to a person's health, because the individual's daily activities have consumed its maximum value.

How does L-carnitine work?

Carnitine is mainly concentrated in body tissues and uses fat as energy, such as bones and heart muscles (such as biceps and heart).

It acts as a bridge in the food chain, transporting long-chain fatty acids (including some bad fatty acids), and transporting them to large cells, small, sweat gland gathering cells, that is, mitochondria. Then fatty acids begin to be metabolized (ie, broken down) to provide energy for the human body, or as an effective fuel for exercisers. Different medium/short-chain fatty acids can freely enter cells differently.

Whether you are an athlete or a fitness person, you can imagine that if you have sufficient L-carnitine in your body, it can immediately repair muscle fatigue and bring a positive effect to your impoverished power mechanism. For example, you can replenish what you have. Lack of energy!

The stored non-essential amino acids help convert fat into fuel:

Get more L-carnitine = get more training fuel = better exercise effect !


Although there is no research to prove that L-carnitine can reduce fat, it has been found to be beneficial to aerobic exercise, thereby improving exercise tolerance!

What are the benefits of L-carnitine?

Many benefits of L-carnitine are closely related, including:

1.Reduce fat

2. Improve athletic performance

3. Healthier and better condition

4. Improve concentration

The increase of L-carnitine brings about the increase of other exercise performance and parameters, promotes the metabolism of fat cells, produces more energy, and allows you to produce less lactic acid during long-term high-intensity exercise.

Because L-carnitine plays a role in transporting fatty acids into cells to be oxidized (burned to generate energy). There are many studies showing that its role itself has a positive effect on the body composition. This is because L-carnitine can increase fat burning when we engage in higher intensity and longer exercise.

L-carnitine can play a role in the prevention and treatment of certain health problems, such as heart failure, angina pectoris, kidney disease, dementia and obesity (yes, obesity is a health problem!)


L-carnitine supplements

As mentioned above, L-carnitine has many benefits. It can ensure that your body gets enough non-essential amino acids.

The high content of L-carnitine that your body needs is currently obtained from animal food sources, but this way of obtaining it is relatively difficult for those with a busy life rhythm. 

Some people may also be born deficient in L-carnitine, which means that they need to increase the level of L-carnitine through additional supplements.

There are many supplementary forms of L-carnitine, such as capsules and powders. If it is necessary for health, medical professionals may recommend it in the form of capsules.


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