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160 Amazing health benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the best substances in nature for its benefits and properties that can be used to our health and aesthetics.

In addition, it is a fantastic ally in the kitchen, as it is one of the most recommended oils to prepare our recipes. Therefore, today we are going to show you all the uses that we can give to this wonderful natural oil and that you will surely learn how to make the most of it to use it in things you did not imagine. So watch and pay close attention, you will be surprised. Take note!.


As we just discussed, coconut oil has a ton of benefits. If we really wanted to discuss all of them, I could give for a book. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the most important ones.


The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil make it a fantastic ally to prevent the development of cancer cells and helps strengthen the immune system.


It is ideal to prevent inflammation and promotes tissue repair. It also inhibits harmful intestinal microorganisms that cause the dreaded chronic inflammation.


Its medium chain fatty acids and monoglycerides are the same as those in breast milk. You can already imagine how wonderful that is. Its acids have great antimicrobial properties that protect us.


It protects us against the formation of free radicals inside our body.


Prevents the appearance of tapeworms, lice and several other parasites.


It helps us treat giardiasis, a protozoan infection that usually appears in the intestines.


It helps in killing viruses that can cause flu, herpes, measles, hepatitis C, and SARS, among many others.


Now that you know the properties and benefits of coconut oil, let's see how we can take advantage of them in every way.

1. It Eliminates spots on our skin.

2. Leaves your skin smooth after shaving.

3. You can use it to combat baldness, applying a little three times a day to the scalp.

4. Remove birthmarks.

5. Acts as a body scrub, softens and rejuvenates the skin.

6. Relieves insect bites.

7. Relieves and relaxes burns.

8. Keeps your lips soft and healthy with regular application.

9. Protects your baby's hair from parasites and makes it softer.

10. Eliminates dandruff

11. It is effective as a natural deodorant.

12. Treat diaper rash.

13. Excellent natural exfoliator.

14. You can apply it as an eyelid cream. You just have to put a little coconut oil every night in the area around your eyes and you will reduce bags and dark circles.

15. Wash your face thoroughly.

16. It works as a natural conditioner for your hair.

17. Treats cuts and wounds.

18. You can use it as a shampoo for your hair.

19. It helps in removing make-up naturally.

20. It is an excellent natural lubricant.

21. Moisturize your skin on the face and the whole body.

22. It is useful in relaxation and therapeutic sessions, such as for massages.

23. Removes moles.

24. Treat cracked nipples.

25. Reverse oily skin problems. With just a little oil on your skin before putting on makeup, you can avoid these problems. You can also apply it to your face to remove excess sebum.

26. Stop before washing hair. You can rub the scalp and all the hair a little just before washing it. It will be especially useful if you have very curly hair.

27. Takes care of your skin after shaving.

28. Treats all kinds of skin problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema.

29. Treat burns: you can gently rub plenty of coconut oil on the area. You can also apply it if you have a chafing or friction wound.

30. Relieves stretch marks by being very effective in nourishing damaged skin or with red or white stretch marks. It is not a miracle cure, but it will help improve the flexibility, hydration, and overall quality of your skin.

31. You can use it as a sunscreen.

32. For ear problems: if you mix coconut oil with garlic and put a few drops in the affected ear for ten minutes, you can relieve that pain you feel. Do it two or three times a day until the discomfort subsides.

33. Coconut oil will make the colored pigment of tattoos stay better and longer. You can use it if you have a new tattoo as well to speed up the healing process and reduce the risk of infection.

34. Use it as toothpaste: you have several recipes to make your homemade toothpaste. For example, you can mix coconut oil and baking soda. With this, you can brush your teeth and whiten them.

35. Prevents and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

36. Enrich breast milk by consuming three and a half tablespoons of coconut oil each day.

37. It helps you in digestion thanks to its saturated fats, which contribute to the control of fungi that can cause indigestion and other problems related to the digestive system. It can also help with irritable bowel syndrome.

38. Coconut oil will increase your energy and stamina. Thus, it is an ideal complement for athletes.

39. Speeds up and stimulates your metabolism.

40. It is an excellent medicine for diabetics because it improves insulin secretion and optimizes the use of glucose. It can also be helpful for non-diabetics for the same reasons.

41. Improves lung function: it acts on the fluidity of cell membranes.

42. Calms nausea by rubbing a little oil on the inside of your wrist and forearm. This will calm this upset stomach and this feeling.

43. To cut and prevent nosebleeds: you can prevent that bleeding that is caused by extreme heat and cold.

44. It is perfect for your recipes, as it can add a delicious flavor to many different dishes.

45. Relieves stress and mental fatigue by applying it to the head in a circular motion or massage. Thus, you can reduce stress levels. It is fantastic to enhance the effects of a massage.

46. ​​It enhances the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

47. Promotes weight loss and helps keep cravings under control. It also increases the known metabolic rate.

48. You will keep your teeth and bones healthy.

49. Relieves problems related to acid reflux. Improves indigestion if you take it after a meal.

50. It is great for treating adrenal fatigue.

51. Treats allergies like seasonal hay fever.

52. Prevents dementia, Alzheimer's and other degenerative diseases.

53. Reverses asthma, also in children.

54. Fight against candida and improve brain function in children. Thus, it is very efficient to treat autism as well.

55. Improves the function of our intestines.

56. Treats bronchial infections.

57. Helps prevent cancer, especially colon and breast cancer. This is demonstrated by the latest laboratory studies.

58. It is a very effective natural remedy to treat candida albicans.

59. Normalizes cholesterol by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

60. Combat problems related to chronic fatigue.

61. It is very efficient in treating Crohn's disease and the inflammation it causes.

62. It improves blood circulation if we apply it with gentle massages and reverses the feeling of cold.

63. Cures flu and colds due to its antibiotic properties.

64. Helps fighting constipation.

65. It can complement the treatment for cystic fibrosis.

66. If you are struggling with depression, coconut oil can be a great ally and improves your mood.

67. Treats diabetes by keeping blood sugar levels stable.

68. You can apply it internally or externally to treat eczema.

69. Relieves the accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the body, which is known as edema.

70. It gives you energy.

71. Reduces epileptic seizures.

72. Helps in reducing fever.

73. Helps treating dry, flaky skin. It can make it much smoother and brighter.

74. Reverses gallbladder disease and relieves pain.

75. Reverses the appearance of stomach gas, flatulence and bloating that they cause.

76. It is capable of eliminating the H. pylori bacteria, which cause many of the most common gastric problems.

77. Eliminate head lice.

78. Treats some of the most dangerous heart diseases because it protects the arteries from injury.

79. Fights hemorrhoids. In this case, you can apply it externally or internally.

80. Relieves the action of some viruses because it works as a natural antibiotic.

81. Treats hot flashes

82. Treats hyperthyroidism.

83. Promotes the proper functioning of the immune system.

84. It is highly recommended when you have irritable bowel syndrome problems.

85. Treats jaundice problems.

86. It can help in curing kidney disease.

87. Helps in dissolving kidney stones.

88. Treats different liver diseases.

89. It acts on lung diseases.

90. You can help people who suffer from malnutrition or chronic fatigue. It is a great source of nutrients and energy that will give you a lot of vitality.

91. It gives you clarity of mind and makes you think more clearly.

92. Relieves discomfort related to menstruation, such as pain, cramps or excessive flow.

93. Relieves migraines if you use it regularly.

94. Treats the famous kissing disease, mononucleosis.

95. It can help patients with osteoporosis.

96. Reverses problems that are related to pancreatitis.

97. Eliminates parasites from the body.

98. Treats periodontal disease and cavities.

99. Reverse benign prostatic hyperplasia, that is, the growth of the prostate.

100. Combat rickets

101. Treats different skin problems

102. Combat scurvy

103. Relieves stomach ulcers.

104. Eliminates foot fungus.

105. Treats problems in the mouth, such as thrush, and dry and chapped lips.

106. Improve our thyroid function. Regulates an overactive or underactive thyroid.

107. Cures ulcerative colitis.

108. Treats problems with bladder or urinary tract infections.

109. Helps treat thyroid gland problems if taken regularly every day.

110. To fight acne.

111. Quickly relieve allergy and hay fever problems by rubbing a little oil into the nostrils.

112. It is very efficient in reversing fungal and athlete's foot problems.

113. Relieves back pain and muscle pain. It is fantastic to gently massage the sore areas after a strong session of physical activity. It will help you recover.

114. Eliminates boils and cysts

115. Treats canker sores with coconut oil in no time.

116. Reduces cellulite or orange peel skin.

117. Deals with circumcision or related problems.

118. Decongests the chest and nose if we have a strong cold or allergy. You just have to rub a little in the chest area or under the nose.

119. It helps in treating ear infections. Apply a few drops inside the affected ear twice a day. It can also be effective if it simply hurts without being an infection.

120. Treats genital warts with topical application. It is a great relief for this problem.

121. Heals gingivitis and gum disease. You can use it as a toothpaste or even rub it gently on the affected gums.

122. You can take it or apply it externally to cure a herpes.

123. Relieves redness of the eyes if we apply it around.

124. Relieves itching and reduces inflammation caused by hives.

125. Treats problems derived from ringworm, an infection caused by fungi.

126. Treat toothache and calm it.

127. Eliminates warts from the skin.

128. Combat pimples on the face.

129. Effectively relieves earache. We just have to apply a little outside the ear.


Let's see How can we use it in kitchens to make delicious recipes.

130. Substitute butter or shortening.

131. It is a great nutritional supplement. You can add it in healthy smoothies.

132. In its solid form, it serves to grease cooking pans.

133. Serves as a substitute for other cooking oils that are less healthy.


Coconut oil can also be very useful for our animals. Let's see some examples:

134. Treats digestive disorders, such as colitis or inflamed bowel syndrome.

135. Treats ligament problems or arthritis.

136. Eliminate the cough. You can mix it with lemon juice and honey.

137. Promotes proper healing of cuts, blackheads, wounds, dry skin, bites and stings if applied topically.

138. Helps in skin conditions that can come out such as eczema, dermatitis, allergies and itching.

139. Disinfects cuts and promotes proper wound healing.

140. Promotes the welfare of dogs and cats. They also add more shine and softness to your hair.

141. Reduces the smell of dogs and improves their appearance.

142. It gives you extra energy.

143. Reduces your weight and improve your condition.

144. Strengthens the digestive system and the absorption of nutrients from food.

145. Leaves animals looking great and helps deodorize their smell.

146. The medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs, which it has help improve energy metabolism and reduce the accumulation of amyloid protein. This buildup can lead to brain injury in older dogs.

147. Prevents and treats fungal and yeast infections, such as candida.

148. Reduces allergic reactions and improves the condition of your skin.

149. Reduce and eliminate bad breath that dogs usually have.

150. Regulates insulin levels and the proper functioning of the thyroid.


Finally, we are going to allocate these last ten uses to various applications:

151. Rub a little coconut oil on glued gum, wait thirty minutes and you can remove it very easily.

152. Use it as an anti-stain and to remove adhesives.

153. It works as an insect repellent.

154. Cleans leather products.

155. Lubricate wooden boards and bowls of this material.

156. Wet a cotton cloth and polish the bronze objects.

157. It's great to polish furniture with a little lemon juice.

158. It is perfect for cleaning metal objects.

159. Polish kitchen utensils.

160. You can make natural homemade soap.


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