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6 Amazing health benefits of Reading: Healthxnation

It is a fact, reading has many advantages, but mainly, it benefits the health and the brain.

Immersing yourself in an exciting novel allows you to travel without leaving your favorite chair.

But, not only that, because reading has real and concrete benefits on our intellect.

Do you want to know what goes on in your head every time you open a book?

Reading allows us to learn new things and cultivate ourselves. Develop our vocabulary and improve our oral expression. Contribute to our personal and mental growth.

It is one of the best investments we can make in ourselves, no matter how old we are.

A book does not cost much money, but everything we can get from it is very valuable.

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Discover the wonderful and profitable world of reading.

1. Reading is fun and stimulates the brain.

Just like sports, reading gives us pleasure, helps us forget about problems and keeps us away from stress.

Everyone who loves reading can say it: reading makes you happy.

Just as weaving stimulates neural connections, and allows them to function more effectively, reading stimulates memory and keeps the mind alert.

When we immerse ourselves in a book it is like doing gymnastics with the brain and thus, we reduce cognitive impairment by 32%.

2. Reading breaks the routine.

Reading takes us away from the everyday and breaks the routine.

It is wonderful to be transported to countries we do not know or to imaginary places in past or future times.

And also, to live among people we would never have been able to meet.

3. Reading improves attention and concentration.

Reading is a natural antidepressant, which is always within reach. Reading, relaxes.

On the other hand, while we read, our attention is focused on the stories, events, intrigues and action of the characters.

We make the real world disappear.

In addition to taking us away from stress, reading will improve our ability to concentrate.

With only 15 or 20 minutes of reading daily, we have the remedy for many ills that gives us much and demands little.

4. To read, is to acquire knowledge.

Reading nourishes our brain with knowledge and new information. It makes us discover an unknown universe of remote and inhospitable places.

What you learn is a wonderful treasure that no one can ever take away from you.

Have you retired yet? It's the ideal time to enter the exciting world of reading!

5. Reading increases our capacity for analysis.

As we advance in the reading of a text, we ask ourselves thousands of questions.

Will he declare his love for her? Will the killer be known? Will the traitor be exposed? The imagination is awakened by reading and nothing can stop it.

You are doing a critical analysis job!

Suddenly, you will find yourself thinking about the intrigue, the character of the characters, the detailed descriptions...

Reading, makes us think and then... makes us sleep better.

6. Reading, unites us with others.

It may seem like a solitary activity, but it is only so at first, because as soon as the book is closed, you will discover how you open up to others.

It will be easy for you to get involved with the characters, to feel empathy for the most helpless and to put yourself in each one's shoes to live their own feelings.

And inevitably, you will discuss with others how your book makes you feel, because you will see that fiction can quickly become reality.

In conclusion, it becomes another way to understand things and to understand other people's feelings, another way to get involved with your environment!

And what effect does reading have on children?

Well, if learning to read is not easy at first; once mastered, it opens doors to magical worlds.

Reading takes children's imagination on a journey and allows them to discover new and wonderful things.

  • Learning new words.
  • Get to know other places.
  • Develop the imagination.
  • Enjoy the silence.
  • Incorporate a new activity.
  • Develop your neural system.
  • Improve your memory.
  • To carry out an activity in family.

Look.. how many wonderful things reading offers us! Choose your next book today!

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