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12 homemade face masks for instant glowing skin

< How often do you make face masks? Some ladies prefer to buy from the pharmacy, while others trust the ingredients from the kitchen, which their grandmothers and mothers used to beautify facial skin. The truth is that applying the mask is the ritual that makes us feel special even at home, because we know that we are doing something good for ourselves. So that you don't forget about these special moments, we share with you some easy recipes for face masks. They will revitalize your skin and slow down the appearance of wrinkles. 1. Detox mask Regardless of skin type, everyone needs detoxification. To prepare this face mask: Use fresh orange juice (You can use mashed pumpkin instead) Combine equal amounts of orange juice, honey and cottage cheese or unsalted cottage cheese.  Mix everything well and apply on cleansed dry skin for 15 minutes. Rinse it with lukewarm water and then apply moisturizer. 2. Peeling mask for all skin types It removes dead skin cells, improves skin tone,

How to take iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin supplements during pregnancy

Proper nutrition during pregnancy plays a vital role in the growth of mother and fetus. The growth and development of the fetus is a very quick process. The baby needs to live in the mother's body for almost 270 days. The birth weight of the baby is nearly 1 billion times of the fertilized egg. Therefore, the nutritional status of pregnant mother will directly affect the weight, length and brain development of the fetus. Many nutrients requirements of human body are directly fulfilled by the diet. In order to maintain a balanced nutrient intake, it is recommended to eat more than 30 food ingredients per day . Due to many reasons such as busy work, if the nutrients demand dosent fulfills then it is necessary to take supplements during pregnancy. From preparing for pregnancy to pregnancy and before giving birth, what nutritional intake should be paid attention to? 1. Iron Supplementary period:  Whole pregnancy Recommended food:  Lean meat, animal liver and blood, eggs, soy products,

Protein powders and supplements | Benefits and side Effects

As workload is increasing day by day, modern man is constantly in search of something that can simplify his life to some extent. Complete meals are replaced by protein blends and various supplements. This allows you to quickly fill the body with nutrients and kickstart the process of muscle growth and recovery.  What is Protein powder? Protein powder is a product that contains at least 60% protein. Everyone knows that protein is the macronutrient that is important for building high-quality muscle mass and maintaining its volume .  Protein is also involved in the process of energy metabolism in the body, so it is vital for humans.  Protein can be obtained from common foods (meat, poultry, eggs, fish and dairy products) and from special high-protein mixtures. How does protein work? A sports protein supplement acts on the body in the same way as the protein that comes to us from natural food. However, protein shakes are somewhat different from organic protein products. Let's consider

Omega-3, 6 Fatty Acids | Fats Essential for Weight Loss and Fat Burning?

Fat is the enemy of diet! Don't you think so? In modern society, the principle of avoiding fat to lose weight and get a perfect body seems to be widespread among dieters, but it's actually a big mistake. To be precise, the point is to be careful about the "type" of fat you ingest. I'm sure many of you have heard the terms saturated and unsaturated fatty acids .  Have you ever heard that saturated fatty acids are bad for you and unsaturated fatty acids are good for you? Exactly . Unsaturated fatty acids are divided into monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids , but a certain amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids called "essential fatty acids" is required for the body to function properly.  These essential fatty acids are linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid , namely omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids . It is called "essential" because it is a fat that cannot be synthesized by the body, and it is very important to take it as f

Is running good for you? Pros and cons of running

To the number of people who are passionate about running is increasing every day - we can see more and more runners on the streets and treadmills. Many started out with light runs and are now training to complete their first five-kilometer race. Interest in running is clearly growing - and this is confirmed by the growing number of groups that come together in parks to run together. In this article we tried to answer all the questions about running and consider both the pros and cons of this cardio workout. Pros of running Although we know that any issue is best viewed from all sides, we are always in favor of fixing attention on the positive aspects. If we talk about running, then there are many positive aspects. Here are five positive aspects of running that we found. 1. Strengthens the cardiovascular system The number one reason many people engage in this type of physical activity is because they want to improve cardiovascular health. And rightfully so: running does improve heart he

L-Carnitine | The best supplement for fast fat loss

L-carnitine is the most common substance that helps the body produce energy by releasing fatty acids , which are said to help reduce weight. It is often mistaken for an amino acid, but it is actually synthesized from amino acids, lysine and methionine. L-carnitine can be produced from the liver and kidneys, in addition to animal sources-mainly red meat and dairy products-in the form of a convenient supplement.  A study in the Journal of Physiology showed that L-carnitine supplements can improve athletic performance and physical function, while helping to build lean muscle. The average person's body contains about 20g of L-carnitine, most of which are stored in skeletal muscles. However, these storage amounts of L-carnitine cannot bring effective and huge benefits to a person's health, because the individual's daily activities have consumed its maximum value. How does L-carnitine work? Carnitine is mainly concentrated in body tissues and uses fat as energy, such as bones

What is wheatgrass? Health benefits of Wheatgrass?

  Wheat straw is usually eaten as a vegetable juice, because its leaves can be squeezed directly, or it can be ground into powder and then brewed with water to drink.  If you want to add a new type of healthy ingredient to supplements, then you can consider wheatgrass.  The following article will mention everything you want to know about wheatgrass. What is Wheatgrass? As its name says, wheatgrass is actually a kind of grass, but it is a very unusual grass.  Of course, it will be more nutritious and delicious than the grass you grow in the garden.  Wheatgrass is the young sprout of wheat plants.  It usually grows in temperate regions and conditions, mainly in the United States and parts of Europe. The leaves of wheatgrass are very nutritious and wholesome. They are rich in various nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. Health Benefits of wheat grass? The main health effects of wheatgrass include the following: 1. Blood circulation According to materials, wheatgrass ca